One of my favorite pieces of MRD custom work was the Queen’s Renaissance dress, made for Pat Stanley in 2011. The fabrics, braid and beads came from her stash or were remnants from other gowns she has made, except the braid used to make the rose bush on her Kirtle Forepanel.

full gown

rose bush on forepanel

detail of rose bush

beading on back of gown

sleeves (unfinsihsed)

detail of hem (unfinished)

Loose surcoat: purple and gold brocade, trimmed in purple silk, gold braid and beaded accents across the upper back

Loose kirtle: gold silk dupioni on a gold cotton kirtle, decorated with a rose bush in gold trim and beads

Sleeves: narrow sleeves in purple silk, trimmed in chevrons and beading of roses and crosses